Thursday, May 8, 2008

Englert Fundraiser Supported by over 50 Volunteers

After so many months of preparation, it was a little sad to set up the ladder outside the Englert yesterday and start taking down "Randy Newman." Yet, even as we removed those familiar letters, someone walking by called out to me, "I was there last night! What a wonderful concert!"

I couldn't agree more. The Gala Fundraiser that took place this past Monday and Tuesday not only brought together our community to see one of America's greatest singer-songwriters perform, but we also met and mingled at eight different receptions related to the show.

Now, as you may already know, the Englert does not have a large staff. So how on earth did we offer so many events in only two days? The answer: we NEVER could have pulled it off without the dedication of over 50 Englert volunteers.

Volunteers helped set up the receptions, serve food and drinks, greet patrons, hand out playbills, and keep everything running remarkably smoothly. I had the honor of working with many long term friends, and meeting new friends that until now I only knew through their email handle. What a thrill to see the amazing community support for this event!

Thank you to EVERYONE who took part as a volunteer, a patron, or a sponsor. It is an honor to be a part of this community.

-Nancy Mayfield
Marketing & Development Manager / Volunteer Coordinator
The Englert Theatre

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